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Paul Pankert (19/11/1965, Eupen, Belgium) studied violin at the conservatories of Liège, Düsseldorf and Maastricht. His musical activity has been primarily focused on the performance of contemporary and baroque music for over two decades; he is currently devoting more and more of his time to composition. He played and analysed hundreds of compositions, including numerous first performances, as solo violin in the Dutch contemporary music group Ensemble’88, with whom he was able to explore an equal number of compositional styles.

He became artistic director of the ensemble in June 2014.

Paul is a member of the Belgian Composers’ Association Forum des Compositeurs and co-founder of the KL-EX association (Klang-Experimente), based in Eastern Belgium. KL-EX was formed to promote the development, production and performance of new works in the field of experimental, contemporary and improvised music, including mixed media, electronic music and musical theatre. (

He also teaches violin and chamber music at the Musikakademie Ostbelgien. His first composition Spaltung (division, splitting) for two violins and harpsichord was awarded the Prix de composition de l’Académie Royale de Belgique in 2008. Pankert has since completed many other compositions, including works commissioned by Orgelpark Amsterdam, the Ars Musica Festival in Brussels, the Festival van Vlaanderen (B-Classic), the Ostbelgienfestival, and Flagey in Brussels.

He was awarded the title of Künstler Ostbelgiens in 2017. The CD/LP production „connected“ in 2020 marks the conclusion of this 3-year period.
The „Toccata“ for harpsichord and live electronics was awarded the Prix Annelie de Man 2021.

Program proposals:
– Trio (harpsichord, recorder, violin & live electronics)
– Solo (violin & live electronics)

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